Ria Clam

Ria Clams are seeded, cared for and harvested by hand. All our clams are sourced from growers using ethical and sustainable methods. Our sustainability commitment has the objective of improving the livelihoods for small-scale farming communities and promoting the Ria Formosa's premium clams.

Farmed in small intertidal plots of land, the Ria Formosa provides the ideal growing location for the Ria Clam. The clam farming community rely on a special knife called the 'faca de mariscador' (growers knife) to turn the soil where the clams are seeded in order to achieve optimal condition.

Ria Clams meet the highest welfare and hygiene standards with implementation of full traceability throughout the growing process and aim to have all our growers certified in the near future. Clams grow using naturally available algae in the water making their production a sustainable source of protein.