Ria Clam

The Ria Clam is the premium clam from the Ria Formosa in Portugal. Renowned for its excellent size and texture, the Ria Clam differentiates itself due to the pristine conditions in the Ria Formosa, a barrier island ecosystem located in the Algarve, Southern Portugal.

Farmed in the Ria Formosa natural park, the Ria Clam sources sustainable clams (ruditapes decassatus) from local clam farming cooperatives, comprised of families that have farmed extensively in the Ria Formosa for centuries.

The Ria Clam aims to improve local community livelihoods, provide assistance to aquaculture farming stakeholders and deliver premium clams for export markets. The Ria Clam is preparing its farmers to be the first aquaculture producers to certify their production with GlobalGAP to ensure the best quality for seafood lovers.